1st Hygiene Workshop Took Place in Cologne

Last week, we hosted our first hygiene workshop at our headquarters in Cologne. Representatives from different companies came together in order to discuss hygiene in organisations and develop improvement measures.

The participants were conveyed interesting facts about hygiene in the office and fitting communication concepts were made available for them. In this way the employees are sensitized for common hygiene rules.

Next year further workshops are taking place. Stay posted for more information here

Trade Fair interlift in Augsburg – A Review

Last week the interlift in Augsburg, Germany was the meeting point for 25,000 escalator and elevator experts from all over the world. We seized the opportunity and presented our UVC-disinfectionmodule ESCALITE as well as the innovative antimicrobial coating TiTANO to the visitors.

On the fair we had the chance to talk to numerous potential partners from the industry and were able to establish new contacts. On Thursday our founder Tanja Nickel gave a talk about hygienic escalators and elevators at the VFA forum. For us the fair was a success!

The next interlift takes place October 19 – 22, 2021 in Augsburg. 

interlift 2019 October 15 -18 in Augsburg, Germany

Next week the interlift is opening its doors for visitors from all over the world. Every two years Augsburg is turning into Liftcity, when the newest products and innovations from the elevator and escalator industry are presented on the exhibition grounds. UVIS too is one of the exhibitors and exclusively presents a hygiene solution for elevators. The antimicrobial coating TiTANO results in a permanent germ reduction of the treated surface in addition to the existing cleaning process. The buttons or the whole elevator cabin can be coated. This reduces the risk of infection, which originates from frequently used surfaces. Besides TiTANO, our UVC-disinfection module ESCALITE is presented too.

Also visit us at the VFA-Forum and listen to our talk about hygienic escalators and elevators – Thursday October 17 at 09:30 a.m.!

Click here to learn more about the interlift 2019. 

Trade Fair “Zunkunft Personal Europe“ – A Review

Today a successful trade fair is ending. The last three days we made valuable contacts in the human resources and health sector and had the chance to present our new workshops for improved hygiene in the office. At our booth visitor were able to find out how many germs populate our work utensils. Additionally, our colleagues Tanja and Leon informed about measures to avoid sick days in the company by reducing germ hotspots and optimized employee and employer behaviour. 

UVIS at the “Zukunft Personal Europe” fair in Cologne

From September, 17 – 19 the “Zukunft Personal Europe” (eng.: Future Human Resources Europe) takes place at the exhibition grounds in Cologne, Germany. At the HR fair, companies present their products and services relating to the topics recruiting, corporate health, digital learning and future of work. This year we are participating for the first time and presenting our hygiene workshops, which are a supplement to the corporate health management of a company.

In our customized workshops the employees are sensitized to the topic hygiene in the office. Next to practical tips and tricks for the prevention of infections especially during flu season, the participants develop concepts for a company hygiene campaign. The workshops support the companies in reducing sick days and promoting the employees’ health and satisfaction.

Visit us at S.04-9, Hall 2.1. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Click here to view further information about the fair. 

Central-Mid-Levels Escalator in Hongkong – Attraction or source of germs?

The Central-Mid-Levels Escalator in Hongkong, short Central Escalator, is an impressive escalator system consisting of 20 consecutive escalators and moving walks. With a length of 800 meters it connects the districts Central and Mid-Levels and thereby overcomes 135 meters in altitude. The system is used by more than 70,000 people every day to get from home to work.

But the more people, the more germs. A study analysed the contamination on the escalator handrails and found alarming results: The highest number of germs that was found was 1900 colony forming units (CFU/m²), the lowest 600 CBU/m². In comparison there were found 1200 CBU/m² on toilet seats and mobile phones that were not cleaned for one year. By using the Central Escalator to work every day and using all 19 sections, you can gather up to 1300 CFU on your hands.

The research team already appealed to the government to work together with innovative companies to find a solution for the problem. A call which we are happy to follow! 

Click here to read the full article.


Magazine “Baulinks“: With the help of UV-C-light against pathogens

The online portal is an independent magazine for the construction industry. It presents current topics regarding construction and architecture on a daily basis. This week it reports about the diverse areas of applications of ESCALITE. Our disinfection module can be installed in new escalators as well as retrofitted in existing escalators.

Erik Kahlert, chairman of the board of KONE GmbH explains: “With ESCALITE by UVIS we can offer an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solution to shopping centers, railway stations and airports, but also for hospitals – without the use of harmful chemicals.”

Click here to read the full article in German. 


Our cooperation partner KONE is officially offering our innovative UVC-disinfection modules for escalator handrails on their KONE website, following the slogan: Developed by UVIS, powered by KONE! 

With UVIS and KONE escalators are becoming cleaner and therefore more secure with the aid of UVC-technology. Either as add-on option in new installations or as a retrofit in existing installations, the disinfection modules can be used in hospitals, shopping centres, airports or public transport, independent from manufacturers. Have a look! 

Click here to visit the KONE website. 


SWR: UVIS on TV show „Sag die Wahrheit”

Every week, German celebrities try to guess on the TV show “Sag die Wahrheit” (Eng.: say the truth) who is lying and who is telling the truth. The candidates tell interesting, fascinating or extraordinary stories from their lives. Our founder Katharina was a guest on the show. She managed to set the prominent lie detectors on a wrong track and had the chance to explain how our disinfection module ESCALITE works – among the jury were Kim Fisher, Pierre M. Krause, Ursula Cantieni and Mike Krüger

MDR: TV show “EINFACH GENIAL“ reports about germfree escalators

Every week, the German TV show “EINFACH GENIAL” (Eng.: simply genius) by the channel MDR presents different and useful inventions for everyday life. Now the MDR came for a visit to our headquarters and shows their viewers how UVIS is fighting contaminated escalators – with light. 

In the TV report Katharina and Tanja talked about how they convinced the first escalator manufacturers when they where still in school and how UVC-light can destroy germs. Additionally, the video explains how the disinfection module ESCALITE is working. 

Click here to watch the full video in German. 

“Kölnische Rundschau” & “Kölner Stadtanzeiger”: Change through Digitalization 

Digitalization is constantly moving forward, also in companies in North Rhine-Westphalia. That is why, innovators and established industries are coming together, so new ideas, opportunities and business models can evolve. In their special publication "NRW Digital", the two local newspapers “Kölnische Rundschau” and “Kölner Stadtanzeiger” have looked into the digitalization process in NRW and also the Start-up scene. Three young start-ups from Cologne are telling about how they made working companies from a single idea. Our two founders Katharina and Tanja talked about their founding journey as well.

Click on the picture to download the full article in German. 

“Focus Money“: 5 things we can learn from the UVIS founders

Our two founders Katharina and Tanja have started in early years to pursue their dream of their own company. Yet, the way from the idea to a product ready for series production was long and difficult. That is why founders need several qualities in order to survive in the start-up jungle. These things are not only useful for future entrepreneurs, but also for everyday life. You can read about those in the article by “Focus Money”.

Click here to read the full article in German. 

Startup Taxi

Every week André Wollin picks up founders and their teams to drive them around the city. Tanja and Sofia were guests in the Startup Taxi when the Hannover Messe 2019 took place. During the drive the two told their driver André details about the disinfection module ESCALITE, but also about the challenges founders face during the founding process and about how UVIS became what it is today.

Click here to watch the full video in German.


The leading magazine "LIFTjournal" publishes the most important industry news every two months from the lift and escalator world. The magazine informs about technical, economic and legal developments as well as product innovations. The February issue reported about the installation of ESCALITE in the Phoenixcenter in Hamburg. 

Click on the picture to download the full article.

"Elevator World": Podcast reports about ESCALITE installation in Phoenixcenter

Every week, the publisher for the international building transportation industry “Elevator World”, releases a news podcast about the latest events in the vertical transportation sector. In December, the podcast featured the news about our successful installation of ESCALITE in the Phoenixcenter in Hamburg, Germany. 

Click here to listen to the full podcast. 

“Bild der Frau“ magazine: Friendship is the key to success

The magazine “Bild der Frau“ reports in their current issue about friends, who founded a business together. Friendship plays an essential role in the business model of the introduced women. Our two founders too were friends before becoming business partners. In order to motivate more women and friends to found their own business, the Albert & Edda Darboven foundation supports female entrepreneurs with 65 000 euros every two years. In 2017 Katharina und Tanja were awarded with the third place.

Click on the picture to download the full article in German. 

ARD: “livenachneun“ reports about UVIS

The TV channel ARD tells in their broadcast “livenachneun” stories about “everyday heroes, that just deserve an extra loud applause”. For that reason, the magazine reported about UVIS and germfree handrails. In the TV report, Katharina and Tanja explain how the disinfection module ESCALITE for escalator handrails is working and how they came up with the idea in the first place. Also, some of our recent projects are presented.

Click here to watch the full video in German (minute 06:12 – 09:33). 

WDR: “Lokalzeit” reports about germfree handrails

The flu season has started last year and is still going strong. That is why people want to protect themselves from an infection with the influenza virus and other germs. The Peek & Cloppenburg store in Cologne has installed the first germfree escalator, so that viruses and bacteria cannot spread over the escalator handrails.

The TV channel WDR has reported about it in their TV programme “Lokalzeit aus Köln”. The report explains why people are reluctant to touch escalator handrails and how ESCALITE is received by the locals.

Click here to watch the full video in German. 

Sat.1 NRW: The dangerous handrail

A lot of customers are reluctant to touch the handrails of escalators. That is why the Peek & Cloppenburg store in Cologne installed the first germfree escalator in North Rhine-Westphalia. Now customers are able to use the moving stairs without worrying about bacteria.

The TV show “Sat.1 NRW” has reported about the germfree escalator and our two founders Katharina and Tanja.

Click here to watch the full video in German. 

“Kölner Stadtanzeiger”: These start-ups are ready for 2019

At the beginning of the year, forecasts and predictions are made for different topics by various parties. To evaluate the development of the regional economy, the local newspaper “Kölner Stadtanzeiger” takes a look at the start-up scene in the Rhineland and presents six young companies and entrepreneurs from Cologne and its surrounding area which could achieve their major breakthrough in 2019. UVIS is one of them and hopes for new successful installations, following the Phoenix-Center in Hamburg and the Peek & Cloppenburg store in Cologne. 

Click here to read the full article in German.

ESCALITE in Peek & Cloppenburg store installed in Cologne

Since December 2018 our ESCALITE module is disinfecting the handrails of the P&C store in Cologne. Next to good customer service and modern design concepts, P&C is relying on modern UVC-technology. Within a pilot project the ESCALITE module was installed in cooperation with the escalator manufacturer KONE. For this reason, “Radio Köln” invited our founders for an interview.

Click here to listen to the full interview in German. 

Germfree Shopping: ESCALITE is installed in Hamburg

For the retail sector the weeks before Christmas are traditionally strong in terms of revenue. Since November 2018, the UVC-disinfection module ESCALITE creates an entirely carefree and enjoyable shopping experience at the Phoenix-Center in Hamburg Harburg. Due to the initiative of the center operator ECE, the first germ-free escalator was installed at a German shopping mall. 

A representative survey after the installation of the modules shows that the germ-free handrails received positive feedback from the visitors. About 91 percent of the respondents perceived the stay at the center as more comfortable due to the disinfected handrails. Among others, the online platform reported about it. 

Click here to read the full article in German.

FM Award 2018

We are happy to announce that we were awarded the second place at the FM Award 2018 presented by the Magazine “Der Facility Manager”. At the award ceremony in Munich, we were able to present our product ESCALITE and our joint project with the center management ECE and thyssenkrupp at the Phoenixcenter in Hamburg Harburg. Furthermore, we had the chance to discover new future-oriented technologies from the FM-industry and were able assert ourselves against strong competitors.

Click here to read the full article in German.

"Börsen-Zeitung" magazine

The magazine “Börsen-Zeitung“ (Eng.: stock market newspaper) explains in its current online issue how the NRW-Bank is supporting founders and start-ups together with investors. With the help of the funding programme “NRW.SeedCap Digitale Wirtschaft” (Eng.: NRW.SeedCap Digital Economy) the NRW bank often provides the first financing in form of equity in cooperation with a business angel. Today 45 start-ups have made use of the funding programme and were able to make their own success stories, just like UVIS.

Click here to read the full article in German. 

"Junge Wirtschaft" magazine

The current issue of the magazine “Junge Wirtschaft”, published by the Junior Chamber International Germany, looks into the prevailing imbalance between the genders in German DAX-companies. Only just 12 percent of the board members of the 30 DAX-corporations are female. An alarming low number. But the lead article also features female examples who are successful founders, entrepreneurs and leaders. Our two female founders from UVIS are one of them. 

Click here to read the full article in German. 

UVIS in the "return" magazine

Women as founders are still underrepresented in Germany. Especially in the technology sector, startups rarely have a female founding member, by now only six to seven percent. As a result, the number of female leaders decreased in the past.

Therefore, the magazine for transformation and turnaround “return” introduces different female founders and asked them about their founding stories and experiences. 

Click on the picture to download the full article in German. 

UVIS return Magazin

New campaign of the NRW.Bank with UVIS

From the beginning, the NRW.Bank was one of our supporters. Under the slogan “Fördern, was NRW bewegt” (Eng: we support what moves North Rhine-Westphalia) the bank starts a new campaign to present their different funding opportunities. Thereby, UVIS is presented as one of the successful founding examples and is representative for the startup support offered by the NRW.Bank. 

Click here to watch the full campaign video in German. 

“Women can do anything“ – BRIGITTE symposium 2018

The BRIGITTE symposium in Essen supports women with their carrier and personality development. Coaches, female founders, authors and successful business women want to give inspiration and motivation to women in all of life's situations, in order to make them achieve their goals. Following the motto “My life, my job and me” the BRIGITTE academy offers a divers program. As a supporter the NRW.Bank presents several funding examples and best practices to lead women into self-employment. UVIS is also one of the founding examples.

Click on the picture to download the full article in German. 

E2 Forum Frankfurt 2018 – a review

Last week the E2 Forum took place for the first time on the exhibition grounds of Frankfurt am Main. Topics like innovation, digitalisation and sustainability in the buildings of tomorrow were discussed within the conference. Additionally, 34 exhibitors from the elevator and escalator industry presented their products and services. UVIS too, held a talk and participated as an exhibitor. We were able to make new important contacts in the industry and intensify existing ones. In total the E2 Forum was a big success. The next Forum will take place in September 2020. 

E2 Forum Frankfurt: 18th and 19th September 2018 with UVIS

The E2 Forum is an innovation platform for elevator and escalator technology which offers exhibition and conference all in one. It takes place on 18th and 19th September on the exhibition grounds of Messe Frankfurt. There, UVIS presents its disinfection module ESCALITE. Additionally, founder Tanja Nickel gives a talk about the topic “Let there be light – Disinfection of Escalator Handrails with UVC-light”. Visit our booth B07 and listen to our talk on 19th September at 10:40 h. We are looking forward to seeing you! 

Startup Valley

Networking and mutual help are a big part of the Startup Community. With the online platform Startup Valley, UVIS talked about its founding history and the best tips for future founders. 

Click here to read the full article in German. 

WoMenPower Congress Hannover Messe

The Hannover Messe is one of the biggest industry fairs in the world, the WoMenPower Congress is a part of it for years. This year, UVIS was also involved in this networking and discussion platform for women: Tanja Nickel, one of the founders of UVIS, talked during the lecture series Meet-up Gründung about the challenges and chances of founding outside of your field of profession and answered the questions of the audience. 

"Bild der Frau" magazine 

Last year, the coffee roasting house Darboven awarded the "Idee Förderpreis" (Eng.: Idee promotional award)  UVIS was ranked third place. There, we talked to the magazine "Bild der Frau" about our founding story.

Click on the picture to download the full article in German.

UVIS and the NRW.Bank­ – a solid partnership

With the help of the program “NRW.Seed Cap Digitale Wirtschaft” of the NRW.Bank we had our first round of financing – as one of the first funding recipients of this program. From now on we are on the NRW.Bank’s website as a successful example of its funding program, a continuous update of our progress is inclusive. 

Click here to read the full article in German. 

Newspaper Article: "Kölnische Rundschau"

UVIS talked to "Kölnische Rundschau", a Cologne based newspaper, on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of GATEWAY - the start-up service of the University of Cologne. GATEWAY offers great support and opportunities to founders in Cologne and also helped UVIS to become a promising start-up.

Click here to read the full article in German. 


Television Report about UVIS

A good reason to celebrate: Yesterday the escalator turned 125. At that time handrails were made of plush – today germfree handrails come into fashion. WDR broadcasted a report about UVIS and ESCALITE in the TV show “Aktuelle Stunde”.

Click on the picture to watch the full video in German. 


"Business Punk" magazine

In their Watchlist 2018 the Business Punk Magazine looks into the future and nominates founders and doers, creative minds and mavericks from whom you will be hearing in the next year. UVIS is part of it – thank you! 



In Cologne 10 percent of all companies are founded by students – like UVIS. Therefore, the support of future founders becomes more important in economic centres – among others the IHK (the chamber of industry and commerce) of Cologne provides assistence to founders and StartUps. They talked with UVIS about its development, the company's plans for 2018, and the time at the StartUp incubator of Cologne.

Click here to read the full article in German. 


For 20 years, the coffee roasting house Darboven from Hamburg awards the "Idee-Förderpreis" to innovative female founders and business women. In this year, UVIS was one of the five companies to reach the final round - from 146 applications. In the end UVIS was ranked third. We are really happy about this prize and would like to thank the Jury, Mr. Darboven, and our supporters.  

Click here to read the full article in German. 

Factory TV

How do you get from a school business plan competition to your own company? Factory TV by Sar.Factory asked UVIS and talked with the founders about the StartUp’s history as well as about UVIS’ plans for the future. 

Click here to see the full video in German.


Germ killer for escalators

ESCALITE is ready for production and can be send out to the first customers. UVIS talked to the Handelsblatt about the way up to the completion as well as the experiences and challenges of young entrepreneurs in the escalator industry.


Click here to read the article in German.  

StartUps 2018 – On the way to the summit

Germany becomes more and more a country for entrepreneurs – and the possibilities of support and networking for StartUps increase. The Venture Capital Magazine addressed these possibilities in a special issue and UVIS is part of it.

Click on the picture to download the full article in German. 

UVIS meets the world – at Interlift 2017

Interlift is one of the biggest international fairs for the elevator and escalator industry and takes place in Augsburg, October 17th to 20th. Hygiene and disinfection become more and more important in the vertical transportation sector. The opportunities provided by ESCALITE and its technology will be presented by UVIS on Ocotber 18th, 5 pm, hall 2, at the VFA Forum of the Interlift 2017. 
We are looking forward to welcoming you at our lecture. 


UVIS had the chance to present ESCALITE at the Key Account Management Meeting of KONE GmbH. Thereby, new branch contacts could be made and the module was introduced to new potential customers.

Tangible innovation from Cologne - UVIS in the Lift Report

The magazine Lift Report looked back on the Hannover Messe and focused on the horizontal and vertical transport routes which move thousands of visitors and exhibitors across the biggest exhibition site of the world. UVIS is also part of this report – as an example for the innovations and branch developments, which can be explored not only by the visitors, but also by the employees of the fair itself.



UVIS in the "Kölner Stadtanzeiger"

More and more women graduate from university, they overtook the men in 2016. The founders of UVIS also graduated in 2016. The newspaper the Kölner Stadtanzeiger talked with them about their last year, about their experiences in a branch dominated by males, and about Mad Men.

UVIS is hiring

Sales is your areas of expertise? You are looking for new challenges in a Start-Up and would like to have a chance to participate in its success? Then UVIS is the perfect employer for you!

UVIS is looking for an employee in the field of sales development at the next possible entry date.

Click on the picture to download the full job description in German.

Elevator World

The Hannover Messe in April was the first leading industrial show for UVIS. Now, the Founders wrote for the Elevator World Magazine about their experience and planning tips for StartUps.

Click on the picture to download the full article. 

Article Elevator World


Orange reports economic news for young readers – StartUps may not miss out there. UVIS talked with the Online Magazine of the Handelsblatt about its way from a school competition to an own company.

Click here to read the full article in German.

Venture Capital Magazine

Dr. Peter Güllmann (NRW.Bank) talked with the VentureCapital Magazin about venture capital and its financing. UVIS was mentioned as one successful example for the participation program NRW.SeedCap Digitale Wirtschaft.

Thank you.

Click on the picture to download the full article in German.   

UVIS in conversation with thyssenkrupp

Right in the middle, not merely on the sidelines.
In Essen, UVIS gained insides into the processes of thyssenkrupp through the chairman of the board Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger.

Thanks for this opportunity and the lively conversation

UVIS in the LIFTjournal

It is essential to be part of the trade press. Therefore, we are happy to be part of the LIFTjournal 03/2017 issue. Thanks for the article.

Click on the picture to download the full article.

LIFTJournal 03/2017


The future from Cologne

There was already one or another newspaper article about UVIS – but a television program is something different. UVIS is proud, to be one of the futuremaker of the Rhineland.
Thanks to the WDR. 

Click here to watch the full television report in German.


Pioneers in the Rhineland

StartUps are not always located in the Silicon Valley – some could be your neighbours.
The WDR visited founders in North Rhine Westfalia and will present them in three episodes. The Rhineland is the first stop – and UVIS will be part of it!
This Friday, June 9 th, 8:15 pm on WDR!

P.S. You have already plans for Friday night? No problem! The show will be broadcasted again this Sunday, June 11 th, 3 pm on WDR!

NRW.SeedCap Digital Economy

Since 2016, UVIS is supported by the participation program NRW.SeedCap Digital Economy. Now, the members of the NRW.Bank and the StartUps involved drew a first positive summary.
Thanks for the existing support!

Click here to read the full article in German.  

Rheinische Post - The Escalator Revoluzzer

The founding story of UVIS is slightly different than other StartUps – not everyone starts their founding idea in High School. We talked about it with the Rheinische Post.
Thanks for the article.

Click here to read the full article in German.   

Hannoversche Allgemeine

In April, we took successfully part in our first leading industrial show, the Hannover Messe. One of the guests at our booth was the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung.
Thanks for the article!

 Click here to read the full article in German.   

Article Hannoversche Allgemeine

Hannover Messe 2017,  24.-28. April

Meet UVIS at the world's leading industrial show! From the 24.-28. of April UVIS exhibits at the joint stand of North-Rhine-Westfalia within the framework of the Young Tech Enterprises. The stand is located in exhibition hall 3. Feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule a meeting at the Hannover Messe in advance.

Handelsblatt Karriere - Do your thing

The Handelsblatt did not only report about UVIS and ESCALITE in their Newcomer issue, but also in their special graduation issue Karriere to show graduates the career opportunity of founding as well.
Thanks for the interview.

Click on the picture to download the full article in German.

Handelsblatt - Newcomer

Everyone starts small – UVIS started during the school times of the two founders.
The Newcomer Magazine of the Handelsblatt wants to show High School Graduates the possibility of an own founding and wrote about UVIS. The company is glad to share its experience and thanks the Magazine for this opportunity.

Click on the picture to download the full article in German.

UVIS in the FAZ

UVIS did not only get prize money at the third Gründerforum NRW, but also a place in the FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

You cannot attend every single event. But thanks to the video about the third Gründerforum NRW, you can pass this day and the win of UVIS in revue.

Click here to watch the video in German. You will find us at 6:23.


Successful pitch!

With many pitches to success! UVIS won the StartUp pitch competition of the third Gründerforum NRW in Essen and prevailed thereby over 60 competitors.
Thanks to the organisers and all our supporters!

NRW.Seed Cap Digital Economy

UVIS was one of the first Start-Ups who became a part of the support program of the NRW.Bank: the “NRW.SeedCap Digitale Wirtschaft”. With this financial support, we could develop the prototype of ESCALITE further.
Now, they wrote an article about us in the staff magazine of the NRW.Bank.
Thanks for the support!

INVEST grant for Business Angels

UVIS is awarded as Invest eligible by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. This award for young and innovative companies underlines the possibility of the participation in the Ministry’s INVEST program.
In this support program, Investors receive both an acquisition subvention and an exit subvention at a minimum participation of 10.000 Euro venture capital. This subsidies make the investment considerations more attractive and a relation between eligible Start-ups and possible investors can be initiated less risky.

UVIS goes international!

The step on the international market is not always easy for a StartUp. UVIS made the first step and is portrayed in the Elevator World Magazine to talk about ESCALITE and how to minimize possible infection sources. The market leading magazine operates world-wide and, therefore, make a good starting point possible for the international start of UVIS.

Click here to read the full article.

European Venture Contest 2016

UVIS is one of the 20 awarded companies at the European Venture Contest NRW 2016, part of Europe's foremost networking and investment event for high growth technology start-ups, venture capital investors, and technology corporations.

Interview with the Hygiene-Netzwerk

The Hygiene-Netzwerk asked UVIS, which importance hygiene has for the company and how UVIS want to bring it into public spaces.
Thank you for the interview!

Click here to read the full article in German.


Entrepreneurship, or the transfer of theoretical knowledge into practice, becomes increasingly part of the university and its training. One example is the "WorldFactory" by the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. The project wants to create possibilities for all members of the university to get to know entrepreneurship, to work on own ideas, to create networks, and to exchange experiences.
UVIS is also a part of it, because without the support of of the two Alma Mater the company would not have made as much progress as it has.
Thank you!

StartUpCon 2016

Not only could UVIS expand its professional network at the StartUpCon 2016, but also had new and interesting discussions and talks – for example with the mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker.

Thanks to the RTZ Köln, Headquarters Cologne and all other, who took part.

Hygiene - Innovation

The two founders talked with Christoph Sterz (DR Wissen) in his radio show "Grünstreifen" about UVIS and the chance to reduce the disgust for the handrails of escalators with the help of ESCALITE.

Click here to listen to the full interview in German.

The trace busters

UVIS in an interview with the Universitas magazine of the University of Cologne. Read about our story and how the product idea for ESCALITE was developed.

Click here to read the full article in German.


Touchable escalators - world debut presented

The StartUp region Cologne presents a world debut: the degermination module ESCALITE of UVIS was presented at the RTZ (rhinish centrum for technology and entrepreneurship) for representatives of the KVB (public transportation company of Cologne). Users of escalators will touch the handrails more reassured, because they will be degerminated soon.

Click here to read the full article in German. 


UVIS is one of the Top 50 StartUps in Germany 2015

Every year, entrepreneurs and founders win StarUp- and business plan competitions. The website Für-Grü evaluates thousands of applications and winners, to find the most successful StartUps of the year. In 2015, UVIS was ranked on position 35 and is therefore one of the 50 most successful StartUps 2015 in Germany!


Successful participation at the Ruhr@Venture 2015

The decision was made! The winners of the Ruhr@Venture business plan competition are chosen.
The Jury, consisting of representatives of economy and research, awarded the second prize to UVIS and their project “ESCALITE – the palpable solution against germs”.


2. place for UVIS at the NUK business plan competition 2015

UVIS prevailed itself successfully against 56 other teams from North Rhine-Westphalia in the final phase of the NUK (new entrepreneurship cologne) business plan competition and was awarded with the second prize.

UVIS was also awarded with an advancement award in the first phase of the competition. 97 other teams handed in their application in this first round.

The whole competition takes 7 month and every team works on its business plan. Furthermore, they need to convince a jury in a pitch in the last phase.

Photo: NUK e. V., all rights reserved, Photographer: Oliver Schulze