How it works

Escalator handrails are known to be one of the most common sources of infection in public spaces. Every user leaves invisible traces on the handrail, which is a fertile soil for any kind of microorganism. By touching the handrail, there is automatically the risk of infection. However, if the user does not use the handrail it increases the risk of falling down the stairs.


The ESCALITE disinfection module puts a stop to the spread of microorganism on escalator handrails. It irradiates the handrail with UV-C light. With the help of the short waved and energetic UV-C light, all kinds of microorganisms like bacteria, germs, or fungi are being destroyed. ESCALITE uses a sustainable and chemical free procedure to which no resistance can be formed.

The result is an up to 99,99 % disinfected handrail of the escalator. Every user can safely hold on to the handrail instead of avoiding the contact with it out of disgust. Thus falls can be avoided and the escalator handrail as a possible source of infection can be eliminated.

ESCALITE - The palpable solution against germs!